RoBERT - 2007

RoBERT in 2007 - photo taken by a fan

RoBERT (born Myriam Roulet in Paris on 14 October 1964), is a French singer, composer and lyricist.

An independent artist and songwriter, RoBERT's musical style is described as fairy-like, halfway between the tragic and the gothic, sometimes with a pinch of absurdity. Themes of death, childhood, and love regularly appear in her songs, marked by her crystalline, often fragile opera voice and the baroque (and sometimes electronic) music. Often compared to Mylène Farmer, she has found artistic success in France and Belgium, but also in Japan, despite a certain media absence. RoBERT's live shows are often full of hypnotic, giddy, often joyful or even dramatic performances.

General informationsEdit

Before becoming a singer, Myriam Roulet pursued a career as a ballet dancer, until a bone decalcification forced her to abandon her dream when she was only a teenager. After a short involvement in the field of acting, she began to dedicate herself to music. Since then, she has collaborated mainly with her husband Mathieu Saladin, musician and often co-compositor.

In 1990, RoBERT realeased her first single, Elle se promène, which aired frequently on French radio and even became a dance hit in Japan. The music, together with the cold atmosphere of its music video, attracted the interest of Mylène Farmer who invited RoBERT to join her in two radio shows. In the 1990's period, she realeases two albums and meets a fervent admirer, Belgian writer Amélie Nothomb. In 2000, Nothomb writes for her the text L'appel de la succube. Two years later, she writes six texts for her third album Celle qui tue. She also writes a book inspired by the singer's life, The Book of proper names (RoBERT des noms propres in French).

RoBERT covered several popular songs, such as Kraftwerk's Das Model, Marie Laforêt's Prière pour aller au paradis, Johnny Hallyday's Ma gueule and The Doors' The End. She also got chosen to perform the soundtrack of the TV commercial for Givenchy's latest fragrance, Ange ou Démon le secret. The ad, starring Uma Thurman, aired worldwide.


  • Sine (1993) - studio
  • Princesse de Rien [Princess of nothing] (1997) - studio
  • Celle qui Tue [The one who kills] (2002) - studio
  • Unutma (N'oublie pas) [Unutma (Don't forget)] (2004) - compilation
  • RoBERT à la Cigale (2004) - live
  • Six Pieds sous terre [Six feet under] (2005) - studio
  • Princess of Nowhere (2007) - compilation (featuring covers in English of 16 of her songs)
  • Sourde et Aveugle [Deaf and blind] (2008) - studio
  • Haute Couture (2008) - live
  • Free Dub volume 1 (2010) - remixes
  • RoBERT à l'Olympia (2010) - live
  • Nuit Gravement (2012) - studio
  • Free Dub volume 2 (2012) - remixes
  • Aux Marches du palais (2012) - studio (album featuring covers of ten French traditionnal songs, such as À la claire fontaine and En passant par la Lorraine)

In Gabrielle's universeEdit

Sur la bande FM Profilbild

Sur la bande FM's profile picture

RoBERT doesn't appear nor is even mentionned in Gabrielle Flür - 1947's parodies. This is explained by the fact that Gabrielle thought it was really bad to include her idol in videos featuring Hitler. However, she recently saw a parody (in French) of which the main subject was Mylène Farmer's new (at the time) single À l'ombre, and she realised it wasn't that awful, although she found it somewhat strange to see two of her "universes" put together. She started recently with including Mylène Farmer in her most recent video, and thinks about including other artists.

RoBERT is very important in Sur la bande FM's videos. Her works are often used in her mash-ups, and Sur la bande FM has planned several covers of her. Besides, the channel's name "Sur la bande FM" is a tribute to RoBERT's song Elle se promène, of which the refrain is "Elle se promène / Sur la bande FM" (She's walking on the FM band). She also uses a photo of the singer as the channel's profile picture, taken from the music video of Elle se promène.

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