Letter to Günsche is a Gabrielle Flür - 1947's series and her first parodies. It features four episodes.


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Summary episode by episodeEdit

Episode 1Edit

Himmler, who knows that Günsche secretly loves the Führer since many years, plans an antic based on it. He orders Speer to write a letter "from the Führer" to ask Günsche for a rendez-vous, and to send it to him. He then goes to a party that Eva organises, where Fegelein will join him a bit later. Some time later, he receives the letter and tells Hitler he gladly accepts the rendez-vous. Hitler is surprised and annoyed, and harshly insults his informer. He finally tells him to get out and to ask for a rendez-vous to Fegelein. Meanwhile, at the party, the latter tells Eva that Hitler wants to break up. She doesn't believe him and goes on dancing with Hewel. None of them knows Traudl heard them and told Gerda, and urged her not to repeat.

Episode 2Edit

Grawitz tells Hitler that someone told Eva that he wanted to break up with her, and also that she danced with Hewel. Hitler is pissed off by Grawitz's cowardness and incapacity, and tells him to piss off. Günsche comes back to the office to announce Eva wished him to have a good life with the Führer, which he understands as the latter changing his minds. Hitler reacts the same as the first time.

Episode 3Edit

Günsche insists again, telling Hitler he'll harrass him until the latter stops rejecting the former. Hitler says he'd rather die and eventually says he'll marry Günsche, who announces everyone what he thinks is happy news. However, the generals don't believe him (except Burgdorf and Goebbels), which leads them to argue. Hitler then calls his lawyer to divorce Eva. He learns all the files about his wedding have disappeared and, since the witnesses died in World War I, he's officially alone and can marry someone else without any problem.

Episode 4Edit

Hitler plans to go to Stahnsdorf's store with Günsche with Steiner as driver. Problem : Steiner hasn't his licence anymore. After a huge rant, Hitler finally chooses Burgdorf to replace Steiner. Burgdorf, who'd drunk two bottles of vodka, confuses a bus with a limo and they get an accident because of his awful driving. Hitler rants again… for three hours, after what he tells everyone to fuck off. There's then the wedding meal, which ends up in another rant because of the cooker who's made awful stuff.

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