Gabrielle Flür - 1947 is a French Untergangerin born on August 6th 1999.

Gabrielle Flür - 1947 was established on April 19th 2013. At first she didn't think about posting Downfall parodies, and uploaded other kinds of videos like mash-ups or music videos. They are not available anymore, but she reuploaded them on her other channel, Sur la bande FM.

After discovering Hitler Rants Parodies, she decided to venture into Unterganging and uploaded her first parodies on 30th July 2013, namely Letter to Günsche Episode 1 and 2 and their French translations. Then she published the 3rd and 4th episodes (English and French) on 1st August. Because of her lack of motivation for this boring task and the absence of French subscribers, she stopped translating in French and removed her previous French parodies. Like most of Untergangers, she's influenced by Hitler Rants Parodies. She stated her biggest influence as JennieParker87, whose randomness inspired her a lot.

She uses Windows Movie Maker for the video editing, Audacity for the audio editing and Paint.NET and Paint for the image editing.

Parodies styleEdit

Until Christmas, Gabrielle Flür - 1947 had a computer working with Windows Vista which missed some important files that made her unable to install Sony Vegas, so she could only use Windows Live Movie Maker, leading her to be somewhat limited. That's why she only could make parodies in the traditionnal, modified traditionnal and audio-based styles.

After Christmas, her computer got formated to Windows 7 and she got Movie Maker 2012. The software only renders the sound of the videos, and, unless she can get the problem fixed, she won't be able to make parodies/poops.

She recently got the older version of Windows Movie Maker, which seems to work well.

Other channel Sur la bande FMEdit

See article : Sur la bande FM


Retirement and come backEdit

On December 29th, Gabrielle posted a message in her feed to announce her retirement :

"Message to all my subscribers. I retire. Don't worry, it's just temporary. I don't know when I'll come back, but be sure I will. :) I just don't have the time to make parodies. I also lost my motivation. And finally, I have personal life issues which don't help me getting them again. By the way, I still use the channel for liking, commenting and so on, so, don't be surprised if you see an activity from me in your feed. ;) My other channel Sur la bande FM also remains active."

On January 10th, however, she uploaded a new video informing her subscribers about her Wiki, and wrote in the description that she was coming back. The next day, she uploaded her random parody 3.

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